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What we are all about

The King Karl Story


We believe in feel good – do good. 

Committed to manufacture all-natural products with organic ingredients from sustainable farmers, sourced locally to ensure premium quality. Partnering up with local farmers that shares our values and support their growth. Using recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, taking responsibility of our footprints on earth, is not only doing good for us, it is also doing good for you and our environment. 

Mindfully producing clean, lab tested and premium quality products does not only feel good to us, it makes a huge difference in taste, quality and results, for you.

We feel good about manufacturing products that is doing good for all of us.


King Karl was founded due to a personal crisis. 

Working in the hectically music industry, producer/songwriter and founder Jonas Saeed had his first experience with an anxiety attack. He decided that he did not want to get treated by pharmaceutical drugs, because of the long-term side effects, when looking for a natural alternative, he was recommended to try CBD. This natural remedy helped support his health and to handle his stressful job better. Committed to help others that found themselves in similar situations, he founded King Karl.


We searched the globe to find premium quality ingredients to manufacture and distribute the finest artisanal CBD infused products


Our CBD oil is cultivated following organic standards in Oregon, USA. Our farmers believe in regenerative agriculture and that growing outdoors will allow the plants to be fully nurtured by natural sunlight, wind, moonlight and other biorhythms, thereby creating what we feel is the highest quality and dynamic raw material. They refer to this as ‘Sunstainably Grown™’. By using nature's sunlight and natural seasons, it also supports our environmental initiative of responsible energy usage and impact. Extracted with environmentally friendly, FDA approved and non-toxic supercritical CO2 method from whole hemp plants. Organic, 0% THC, non-psychoactive. Third-party lab-tested for purity and potency to ensure consistent dosage.


Our chocolate is made out of organic, single origin sourced and direct traded cocoa beans. The certified organic cocoa farm is located on the foothills of the lush and scenic mountain in north east Trinidad. Known for its rich traditional history of fine flavor cacao. The chocolate bears the distinct fruity and floral trade mark characteristics for Trinitario Cocoa. We make our chocolate bars by hand, in small batches, mixing a few all-natural ingredients to ensure best quality and flavor.


King Karl collaborates directly with each and every worker and makes every effort to use locally produced and organic ingredients. Working in close proximity to where our ingredients originate helps us to ensure premium quality in our products.

Rooting direct trade with a hands-on approach to create business opportunities within local communities. Treat yourself to a better you!


Our chocolate is made out of a secret Swedish recipe and has been awarded for “best taste”, 4 years in a row.

The chocolate is made out of 5 all-natural ingredients and infused with 90mg hemp derived CBD. They say the fewer the ingredients the better the quality and we agree, you will taste the difference.

They come in two different flavors:

90mg CBD infused Dark chocolate for our chocolate lovers and vegan customers. With high concentrations of nutritionally rich cocoa(70%), this bitter-sweet chocolate bar is smooth and buttery with hints of fruit and flower from the cocoa bean’s origin, Trinidad, Tobago. Enjoy it with your tea or coffee or just as is. 

90mg CBD infused Milk chocolate, this is not your average Milk chocolate, containing 45% nutritionally rich cocoa, this all-natural, buttery bar releases caramel notes from the very first bite. Enjoy it with your tea, coffee or as your after-dinner delight.


We created our CBD oils with 3 things in mind, purity, fast delivery of CBD and great taste. How we achieved it? We blended 2 premium natural ingredients, Hemp derived CBD and Organic MCT Oil. Our potent (up to 98%) CBD mixed with Organic MCT Oil from coconut, helps deliver and increase the bioavailability of CBD, simply put it’s faster and better. You will taste and feel the difference.

And as a extra bonus it can also be used as a topical, on your face, skin, under your eyes, to help with redness,brightening, smoothing, hydrating without clogging any pores.

Choose between 500mg (approx. 30 servings) and 1000mg (approx. 60servings).


This is the mother of lotions, 100% plant based and all natural. Put on your feet before or after going for a hike, jogging or party night in heals, use for pain-relief or just glowing, hydrated, healthy looking skin. We made sure to only put good stuff in it so no fluff, no fillers none of that. Please read the ingredients list, we are very proud of it.


We went all in on this one, it’s a true King Karl exclusive. The beautiful glass jar is designed and handblown by Swedish renown glass artist Fredrik Nielsen (Kostaboda).

The glass is like a beautiful art piece and you can keep it long after the candle is gone.

Filled with natural ingredients to create a perfect massage candle. Light the candle until a pool of oil has formed on top, then blow it out and wait for 1 minute until the oil is warm, not hot. Poor in hand or direct on body. This warm, soothing oil massages away any tensions and gives you a soothing pain relief. Enjoy.


We work with people that share our values ethically and sustainably.

From direct-traded cocoa beans, “sunstainably” grown hemp, local artisans, to eco-friendly packaging. We believe that by carefully choosing our partnerships and that they share our core values, will make a positive impact on the wider community.


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